"He came in today, saying that he is riding a bike for the first time in his life. Over the weekend rode all around Lake Cunningham. This boy is not SPD or spectrum child, but lower functioning in school performance and significant motor problems (gross and fine). 

He has left side weakness and very poor tongue control, never being able to pucker his lips, many articulation error, never could move his tongue around in his mouth. Very limited diet as can't chew or swallow so many foods. Told the mom tonight that I have hope all this will change. 

Since I have been working on tongue and lip control, he is now able to pucker his lips to blow, can move his tongue to the weak side, put the tongue tip on the roof of his mouth (so can now say his own name and words starting with "T" and "Th". He has never been able to do this before. 

He is such a hard worker and the mouth work is more exhausting for him than running the mile at school in 13 minutes (which is very hard for him). He sweats bullets every time we work in his mouth, but not from anxiety, just sheer hard work. This boy is such a pleasure to work with, so highly motivated. The first session I met him (a few months back) I wasn't sure if I'd be able to help him much given his age and that he's already had several years of school based OT. His handwriting is now legible for the first time in his life!"

 "A 17 year old Boy"


"They were in a Russian orphanage until 2 and 1/2 years. I have seen him for 3 years. He's a spectrum child who had no desire for interaction with others and would tend to be aggressive if children approached him. 

I suspected a problem with his vision contributing to his resistance for closeness with parents and contributing to handwriting difficulties. His Mom got him tested for vision therapy. He had problems with convergence. With corrective lenses, not vision therapy, he started wanting to be cuddled. With much work at Simoneon Center his motor skills are now just about one year behind, but not more. His motor planning ability has skyrocketed!

His postural control is so good now, he no longer squirms around in his chair nor in constant motion when standing. His writing is gorgeous.

He used to take 3 hours to work on his homework. Now he can't wait to get home to do it, enjoying it so much. His mom called chuckling, saying she would have never believed it, but he's highly motivated to write stories now and can't get enough of this either. 

This child couldn't put a thought together to save his life last year. His strength is maintaining (unusual for spectrum kids without regular, rigorous input from PT or OT or family). He's doing all of the right stuff everyday now for himself. 

He wants friends now for the first time and is seeking them out, even understanding much of others perspective. He is only seeing me 1x per month now for monitoring since November."

 "8 year old Boy (a twin), with autism"


"Amazing place! Very resourceful and  helpful staff. Mary goes an extra mile to help her clients. She is very bright  and knowledgeable professional and very passionate about the work she does. I will be referring clients over. She is conveniently located near Valley Medical Center and major freeways."

"Bella C"



"I took my son here for the Auditory Integration Training (AIT). Mary Scholer is very profession, nice and she patiently discuss everything with me. I came here because it was recommended by the speech therapist, after she noticed the assessment from a different center recommended a 3 month training costing me thousands of dollars, does not seem correct. Mary showed me how to look up for a certified AIT expert and she was right, the previous assessment was done by an uncertified technician.  As Mary indicated, (and I researched this time), that the AIT should take only 2 weeks.  She even loan me a book on AIT and how hearing can affect behavior.

Over the two weeks of treatment, she was clear on what to and what not to do. She checks with us everyday. She replys email quickly and in details.  Now that the training is over, my son noticed he hear things clearer and can hear with a lower volume settings.
We will wait till a month for the treatment to settle, and we will do an audiogram again. I'm sure the results will be positive.

But that was not all. Over the week, we observed how knowledgeable Mary is. I also see how she helped all the children during the occupational therapy and fighting over fears.  Just within the two weeks, I can see how some of those children progressed significantly.
I'm very blessed to have found her."

"Teresa L."



"Mary has been very instrumental to our child's development. We started coming to her clinic when our daughter was 6 months old. At that time, she wasn't rolling from her back to her tummy, didn't initiate reaching for objects and was very passive.

Our daughter is now 10 months old. She can now roll over both sides, moving to a sitting position and sit independently without losing balance. It has been so wonderful to witness her progress and we are very grateful for all of Mary's help. Not only is Mary very knowledgeable but also very caring and passionate about helping children and their families.

We highly recommend Mary and her clinic, Simoneon Pediatric Development Center to anyone needing pediatric Occupational Therapy services."

"JV N."



"This is one of the best if not THE BEST OT center I have come across. Mary and her team are amazing and do such an outstanding job with the kids. I have been taking my son to see Mary for 2 years now. She has always made us feel so special and works with great dedication and passion. I wish there were more professional people out there like Mary who know what they are doing and go an extra mile to help their clients. We are so blessed to have such an amazing place to take our son and the improvements he has made are phenomenal. I look forward to each session with Mary and my son loves going there and enjoys working with Mary. Thank you Simoneon Pediatric Center!"

"marie b."



"Mary worked with my son when he was an infant. As a fellow therapist I trusted her wholeheartedly to evaluate and treat my little boy. Within 2 weeks of our first session his hamstrings loosened and he was crawling! I definitely recommend Simoneon to family and friends. It's a special place. Thank you, Simoneon!"

"Cc M."



"Simoneon Center is an amazing place that changed our lives forever.  This is one of the best therapy centers in the bay area.  The people care about the children and provide parents with valuable information to help your child and your family make positive changes.  Mary is an absolute genius and she and her team are all outstanding therapusts.  Lidia provide wonderful sessions my daughter loved and taught us about body movement and helped us avoid surgical correction for postural issues.  Mary gave us guidance that helped us address challenges that our daughters pediatrician never identified.  In addition to therapy services, Mary taught us about food allergies and sensitivities which were the contributors to years of disrupted sleep for our daughter and are now resolved.  Years of struggle in school and issues related to attention span now resolved after Auditory Integration Therapy suggested and administered by Mary.  The team at Simoneon can give you real answers and help that will work miracles in the life of your child.  We are forever grateful for the love and care our family received at Simoneon!"

"Stefani D."



"Just wanted to give an update on my daughter's progress. This weekend, we went to her school and she played on the playground. The play structure has two different styles of monkey bars and a group of rings. To my amazement, she swung effortlessly through the monkey bars and rings! At Simoneon, they have monkey bars to train the kids how to plan their body to swing from bar to bar. When she first started at Simoneon, she could barely hang onto one bar before she lost her grip. She did not know how to rotate her body to move to the next bar. I videotaped her doing the monkey bars to show the therapists at Simoneon. They were so excited. And I was so proud of my daughter knowing how far she has come.

In the 3 years with Simoneon, I have not had an issue with my insurance to pay for the OT services. We have a PPO plan. I do know that insurance coverage varies greatly between health insurances. I have also been told by friends that insurance companies are becoming less generous with OT coverage, even with recommendation letters from a doctor or OT documentation.

Auditory training (AIT) was also recommended for both of my kids based on Mary's experience with kids with similar issues. The AIT is intriguing, but it does require great time commitment and expense. I never felt pressured into doing it but was informed of the pros and cons. Mary has done AIT for both kids and adults with very good results, but the results can vary person to person. Some will notice a big difference and some will not. This was clearly explained to us.

My son also was treated for 2 years at Simoneon and he graduated from their program last year after meeting all his goals. He was sad he no longer needed OT because he had so much fun there. But he still comes with me to my daughter's appointments. Once in a while, he serves as an impromptu peer mentor to other children. A peer mentor helps model the correct action for a specific activity so that the other child can follow it.

Simoneon recently moved to a very nice new location providing more private therapy rooms and three separate activity play areas. Their new address is 2542 S. Bascom Ave, Ste 210, Campbell, CA."

"B W."



 "We went to Simoneon for our daughter's AIT (Auditory Integration Training). She was very sensitive and afraid of harsh and loud sounds.

Ms Mary explained us the entire theory of AIT, how to relate the audiogram and the perceived apprehensive sounds, gave us books on the topics, explained us what to expect of AIT. She also explained us how some of these sounds would cause pain in the child's ears and affect them emotionally to develop into a fear of sound.

During the entire two week period, Mary was very caring and courteous to our daughter. Apart from the training, helped my daughter get over the fears with a very practical approach making her clean using a silent vacuum cleaner etc. She has given us practical tips of how to eliminate the fear by gradually exposing to attenuated sounds and increasing the intensity etc.

the highlight of the entire Training process was the care with which Ms Mary approached and made my child feel comfortable"

"Neo R."



 "My daughter is 10 years old and has severe motor planning issues. She has worked with many good occupational therapists over the last 8 years but Mary is head and shoulders above the rest. She is unbelievably passionate and committed to helping children. Her extensive knowledge and experience is amazing and her dedication is priceless. But she has such compassion for special needs children and their families that she has the most reasonable rate you can find. My daughter has made more progress with Mary than any other OT." 

"Nicole C."



 "We have been attending OT at Simoneon Pediatric for almost 2 years now.  Our son has been working with Mary as well as another therapist in the practice over the course of his treatment.  We worked with two therapists as we felt that the change and the differing styles would really benefit our son, it was great to have that flexibility.  When we first started looking for a suitable OT professional / practice, we looked at several in the Bay area and paid out of pocket for several evaluations - this gave us good exposure to the gym space, equipment available for treatment and also for the depth of expertise and application within each practice.  Out of all the places we looked at, it was clear that Mary at Simoneon had the most in-depth knowledge about not only OT treatment and techniques but also about how all the various functions of the body interconnect.  I felt from the very first conversation with Mary that I was learning a lot about how to help my son, how to work more effectively with him, better understand what was going on with him, resources I could research and how various things in his body impacted him physically, emotionally and socially.  During the evaluation process Mary was very flexible in how she conducted the eval and took her prompts from our son on how long a session could last.  After a couple of weeks we were ready to start treatment and from the first day our son loved going to Simoneon to do 'fun activities'.  We knew we had picked the right place because it was fun, not work!  The variety of games, activities, swings, etc., available to kids as well as the creativity within the practice is just awesome!  We also liked that we could participate in the therapy as a family so that we all got to better understand things and support our son - our daughter was sad that she could not always attend.  Mary avails of situations as learning opportunities for parents and communicates what she is working on and why making the experience both engaging and practical.  She also is very willing to share ideas, experiences, perspectives and insights which are nuggets of gold!  We did AIT with our son and had we not done this we would not have been aware of a hearing loss in both ears that had not been previously detected.  AIT was awesome and we could not believe the benefits - almost like a miracle after only 3 days of doing the program.  Fast forward 2 years, we are delighted with the progress our son has made and we'll always be thankful to Mary for doing what she does everyday!  Not only has our son made great progress (and enjoyed every moment) but we also feel that we are much more confident in how to best to advocate for our son.  In moving state, it's sad to be leaving the practice but we know exactly what type of practice we are seeking and standards of therapy and can only hope we get close to those of Simoneon.  Thank you Mary & team!!  We'll miss you a lot." 

"Debbie M."