Are you concerned about your baby?

The following difficulties can be and are best treated when the child is very young: age 0-6 months is the best time to begin to address these issues.

1.Baby resists being handled or does not cuddle (may arch it’s back, pull away, cry or become irritable with handling or being held

2.Baby avoids eye contact and avoids intently watching the faces of parents and familiar others (in 2 month or older baby).

3.Baby does not expressively communicate with face and body (facial expressions, body movements).

4.Baby seems to lack interest in shared communication with parents and familiar others (lack of smile at the sound of a parent’s voice or not emotionally expressive with body, does not enjoy social play with familiar others by 3 months of age, difficulty imitating facial  expressions and body movements, may make some sounds but not chaining sounds, like in babbling by 3 months of age).

5.Baby has difficulty with feeding (suckling, sucking, chewing or swallowing).

6.Baby seems to have digestive issues (abnormal bowel movements in amount, frequency, consistency, color or odor of stool). Lab work can determine food sensitivities, food intolerances, presence of heavy metals, parasites, yeast infestation, leaky gut, vitamin or mineral deficiencies or imbalances, poor nutrient absorption.

7.Unpredictable sleep patterns or baby does not sleep through the night after 3 months of age.

8.Baby seems under-reactive to environmental stimuli and social interaction with family members and familiar others.

9.Highly irritable or seemingly overwhelmed by stimuli much of the time (sounds, lights, smells, tastes, textures infood, clothing textures, environmental textures, visual stimuli and/or being moved or needing a lot of movement to calm).

10.Difficult to calm or comfort.  Does not seek affection or attention from parents, but will use parents for physical support.

11.As a 2-6 month old infant, seems to have lower muscle tone or less strength than same age/weight peers.

12.Developmental milestones are delayed in the first 6 months.

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